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Work equipment provided by an employer should be well maintained and appropriate for the job the work equipment is provided for. Work equipment includes:
 - Tools and equipment provided to assist an employee, including factory machinery, tools, computers and vehicles;
 - Equipment provided at the place of work, such as lifts or trolleys to assist with manual lifting, electrical equipment, washing facilities and safety equipment;
 - Equipment provided for use in premises not belonging to an employer such as a customer’s home or a client’s facility, e.g. tools given to a plumber to use at a customer’s home address or catering equipment to be used on a remote site.
If the work equipment provided by an employer is defective or faulty and results in the employee suffering injury, the employee may be able to claim compensation for their injuries.  An employee injured by defective work equipment can make an accident compensation claim even if the equipment was new or had been maintained.  It has to be shown the work equipment was defective, i.e. did not function properly, and injury resulted.
If you have been injured as a result of defective work equipment, you may be able to claim compensation for:-
•        The injuries sustained as a result of using defective work equipment;
•        Travel to and from medical appointments;
•        If you have had to take time off work due to your injuries and have lost earnings because of this, you can claim for loss of earnings;
•        Lawson-West may be able to arrange rehabilitation if medical advice suggests this.
If you have been injured as a result of using defective work equipment, please call Elizabeth Lawrenson on 0116 212 1147 now or complete one of the on-line forms.  Lawson-West make defective work equipment injury claims on a no win no fee basis. We successfully manage cases for people from across the UK: you don't need to be based in Leicestershire.
Please also see our Accidents at Work page for further information on accidents and injuries at work.