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Criminal Injury Accidents
If you have been injured as a result of being attacked by a stranger or even someone you know, you may well be entitled to compensation. Were you the victim of an unprovoked assault? Did you sustain injuries as a result of being mugged? Were you treated for burns following an arson attack? Were you pushed, which caused you to fall and become injured, by a steward or bouncer or similar official?
If you needed medical help and treatment in similar circumstances, you could be entitled to compensation and it won't cost you a penny to make a claim.

Accidents like this can be most traumatic and it is at this time that you need one of our friendly lawyers to guide you through the process. A claim under these circumstances is slightly different to a normal personal injury claim, as we cannot recover our costs for working for you from the other side. However, we are happy not to charge you for our work until the end of the case when we would ask to withhold 30% of your compensation for the work we have carried out. This is similar to how claims are run in the United States of America.

What do You do if You Have have been Injured during a Criminal Act?

  • Immediately report the matter to the police.
  • Co-operate with the police as much as possible.
  • Tell us about the incident within 2 years of it happening - we need to be able to lodge a claim within this time.
  • Seek medical help. Don't be embarrassed to go to your Doctor or even down to the hospital. You need to have your injuries recorded.
  • Contact us. Fill in the form now and one of our friendly team will contact you quickly, or phone Vickki Ridgway direct dial on 0116 212 1055.