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Accidents In Public Places

If you have been injured as a result of tripping or slipping you may be entitled to compensation.

Trip, slip or fall accidents can happen in the street, in shops, at work or on any other premises. The owner of those premises has a legal duty to ensure that you are safe when you are walking on their premises and if they neglect their responsibility and cause you to trip or slip you may be able to claim compensation. Examples of such accidents are trips being caused by an uneven paving slab in the street, at work by trailing cables across the office or factory floor or in a shop by a spillage on the floor.

The owners of the premises where your accident happens will usually have an insurance policy. If your accident happens in the street the local Council will have an insurance policy. You can use this to claim compensation for your injury and also any financial losses that you have incurred as a result of the accident, such as a loss of earnings while you are unable to work due to the injuries sustained, or travel expenses incurred whilst attending your GP, physiotherapist or hospital.

If you trip in the street it is important to measure the defect and take photographs showing a ruler against the defect, as the area could be repaired quickly if you report your accident to the Council. There is a general rule that the defect must be one inch or more in height (if on a pavement), for the Council to take responsibility for it. The Council has a duty to regularly inspect pavements and pedestrian areas for defects and as part of your claim we would ask to see those inspection records. This is to establish whether the Council was aware of the defect that caused your accident at the time it occurred, since we need to prove that the Council is at fault for your accident.

If you slip or trip on private premises, e.g. a shop, make sure you report your accident at the time and get it recorded in their accident book, if they have one. This is to provide evidence of the fact that your accident happened on their premises.

If anyone helps you after your accident, ask them for their name and address because they may be able to assist you with your accident claim.

For more information or for free advice phone Elizabeth Lawrenson direct dial on 0116 212 1147, or fill in the form on the right.  Lawson-West make slip, trip and fall accident claims on a No Win No Fee basis which means Lawson-West have a vested interest in ensuring your slip, trip and fall accident claim is successful. We successfully manage cases for people from across the UK: you don't need to be based in Leicestershire.