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Untraced Drivers Agreement

If the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident cannot be traced or identified, then an application may be possible under the Untraced Drivers Agreement. This is where the driver who caused the accident left the scene of the accident, also called 'hit and run' accidents, or gave false details at the scene of the accident and cannot now be traced.
There are, however, strict reporting requirements and if you are involved in an car accident with an untraced driver, you must report the accident to the police within 14 days of the incident. Failure to do so may result in the claim being rejected.

Unfortunately, in cases involving untraced drivers, the Motor Insurers Bureau only pay a contribution to legal costs and it would therefore be necessary to agree to surrender 30% of your compensation, by way of payment of your legal costs.

If you have been involved in an accident, where the third party driver is unknown please call Vickki Ridgway on 0116 212 1055 or use the form on the right.
If the driver who caused the accident was identified or found but has no insurance, please see our page on Car Accidents involving Uninsured Drivers.
Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

If the injury caused to you was caused deliberately by the driver of the vehicle, then under the Motor Insurance Bureau agreements, they will not be liable to pay damages. However, in these circumstances, a claim could be pursued via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.