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Selling a business

At Lawson-West Commercial we have helped many people to a successful business sale. Making that decision to sell and finding a buyer is the first step, the next step is to sort out the paperwork and get the deal through and that is where Lawson-West, solicitors, can help.

We don't believe in blinding people with jargon or throwing obstacles in the way. Lawson-West work for you, not the other way around and our job is to advise you not tell you what to do.

While drafting the documents, we will work closely with your other professional advisers to make sure that your interests are protected for example by considering how the purchase price should be split to maximise your tax position. In addition, it is usual for a buyer to expect certain guarantees or warranties and other commitments from you. Lawson-West's aim is to limit the effect of those warranties as much as possible, perhaps by limiting the number of warranties or the time period for which you are 'on the hook'.

However, here at Lawson-West Commercial, we understand that selling a business is not just about paperwork. Every business is unique and the business you are selling is the result of hard work and long hours, there may be property issues to resolve or employees to consider under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations. We will guide you through the process of answering the buyer's questions, help you sort out any issues that arise and ensure that you are fully aware of all the matters which could affect you in the future so that you can make informed decisions.

Above all, our aim is to ensure that when you hand over the keys, you know exactly where you stand and can look forward to moving on to your next project.

If you have any queries regarding selling a business, please contact David Heys on 0116 212 1027 now.