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Have you ever found your company in a dispute with a customer over building work you’ve carried out for them? It is not uncommon to find people unhappy about the job that has been done or the price charged for it – or both – regardless of what was agreed at the outset.
However, there is an easy solution designed to protect both parties in such scenarios - namely to use a formal construction contract. There are several models available and at Lawson-West Commercial we use those produced by the Joint Contracts Tribunal.
The fundamental point of these contracts is to identify an individual to administrate and supervise the ongoing building works. This ensures that you are protected against extra cost if your customer fails to properly explain what’s required from the outset or changes the details part-way through.
As you may know, the person appointed to supervise the works is usually an architect or engineer who is impartial so that both parties can turn to them if needed. This makes such agreements more attractive for your customer to enter into. The contracts also allow for alternative dispute resolution outside of the court system should it be needed. The benefit of this is that it’s much cheaper and easier than going to court.
If you’d like more information about the protections offered by a JCT contract, and help setting one up, please contact Richard Tomlinson or Jasdeep Rai at Lawson-West on 0116 212 1000.